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UPDATE #4: After few losses in a row to VeryGames, Sweden NiP managed to win the most important one. After that everyone expected more easier game for Ninjas in the final against Sweden fnatic. But this didn't happen! The champion of Dreamhack Winter 2013: CS GO became "dark horse" in face of Sweden fnatic. Congratulatons!
UPDATE #3: As expected, two main favorites Sweden NiP and France VeryGames reached the semifinals, but due to VG's loss in group stage, both teams will play against each other in semifinal. Most probably winner of that pair will be the champion of Dreamhack Winter 2013 CS GO, but who knows what Sweden fnatic or USA compLexity could show to us.
UPDATE #2: As expected, Sweden NiP reached the semifinal but we can't call it "easy walk". Another semifinalist became fnatic which is kind of surprise. Today we will see battles in Group C and D, and remain quarterfinals afterwards. By the way, European Union Xapso and Denmark Reason won the BYOC event. Check updated article for details.
UPDATE: Day 1 at Dreamhack Winter 2013 CS GO is almost over. Matches in Group A and B are comleted and main disappoint came from champion of ESWC 2013 France Clan Mystik which left event from the group stage. Today first two quarterfinals will be held. Check updated news for results and bracket's pairs.

Dreamhack Winter 2013 CS GO: Groups, Bracket, Results and StreamsBiggest tournament in Counter-Strike history Sweden Dreamhack Winter CS GO 2013 with $250,000 will kick off tomorrow. All information about the event including results, bracket, streams, etc., you can find right here.

All top CS GO teams are ready to show their best in this historical event.

Remind you that last two teams will be determined via BYOC qualifiers which will be held parallely with matches in Group A and B.

Official Stream: completed!









Sweden NiP            
[14:16] Dust2
[16:9] Train   
[16:7] Mirage 
Sweden NiP         
Sweden LGB eSports        
    [16:13] Dust2 
[6:16] Inferno
[16:5] Nuke    
Sweden NiP     
Denmark Cph Wolves
[6:16] Dust2      
[16:5] Inferno   
[16:12] Mirage   

France VeryGames    
France VeryGames
      [14:16] Dust2
 [16:6] Inferno
[2:16] Train   
Sweden fnatic 
Ukraine Astana Dragons         
[16:9] Nuke     
[7:16] Dust2     
[12:16] Inferno
USA compLexity       
USA compLexity      
    [7:16] Inferno 
[7:16] Mirage   
Sweden fnatic   
Sweden fnatic         
[16:9] Inferno
[13:16] Dust2 
[16:10] Train  

Sweden fnatic       
France Recursive           


Group A Group B Group C Group D
Sweden fnatic Sweden NiP  USA compLexity Denmark Cph Wolves
Sweden LGB eSports  France Recursive France VeryGames      Ukraine Astana Dragons 
Ukraine NaVi  Poland Universal Soldiers Denmark n!faculty  Sweden SK Gaming 
France Clan Mystic USA iBUYPOWER
European Union Xapso Denmark Reason 

Final Standings and prize distribution:

1. Sweden fnatic - $100,000
2. Sweden NiP - $50,000
3/4. USA compLexity, France VeryGames - $22,000 each
5/8. France RecursiveSweden LGB eSports, Ukraine Astana Dragons, Denmark Cph Wolves  - $10,000 each
9/16. Ukraine NaVi, France Clan MysticPoland Universal SoldiersUSA iBUYPOWER, Denmark n!faculty, Sweden SK Gaming, European Union Xapso, Denmark Reason  - $2,500 each 


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