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The swedish power house had a big pause from the podium in general, only just 1 week ago managing a 2'nd place at MSI Beat IT Russia, and today they took it a step further, as the won their another major torunament this year.

The swedes had a shaky start on nuke against the countrymen from Sweden Lions, who proved to be one tough nut to crack on first map, in the end fnatic had to recognize defeat in front of lions, and lost the map [9-16].

Moving on the second map, dust2, fnatic got a better grip on the game, managing a great game, taking the second map [16-7].

It than came to the last map, which was tuscan, rounds wend back and forward, no team managing to pull ahead, in the end some crucial mistakes from the lions players ment that fnatic got a grip of the game, taking to the 15'th round. In the last round, Lions had money problems, but it looked like they will be able to take the round, but the newest addition for fnatic, Denmark MIchael 'Friis' Jorgensen had something else on his mind, managing to win the last round and also the entire tournament for his team, thus bouncing fnatic back on top.

This concludes Dreamhack Winter 2011 with the folowing top:

1. Sweden fnatic - $14,250 + 5 MSI Laptops
2. Sweden Lions - $7,150 + 5 MSI Motherboards
3. Ukraine NaVi - $4,275 + 5 MSI Graphicscard
4. Germany Mousesports - $2,850{linkr:related;keywords:dreamhack;limit:5;title:More+News}


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