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iem global challenge kiev counter-strikeThe grand final for the Counter-Strike 1.6 tournament took place today, seeing Ukraine NaVi taking on Sweden SK.Gaming on home soil. The match-up started on inferno, and the knife round went into Sk's favor. The first pistol round went on for Sk.Gaming, but after that the new in game leader of NaVi asked for apartial buy round and he was right, taking the second round, from there on NaVi went on a steam roll and took round after round after round, managing a [12-3] score at half. Resuming the game after a small brake, SK did not find that extra they were looking for and lost the map [3-16].

On second map, train NaVi keept up the good work and with Ukraine Edward and Ukraine Zeus in good shape they managed to overcome the swedes [16-5], securing the first place and the $16,000 cheque.

In the 3'rd place decider, played yesterday, the russians from Russia M5 took down Sweden fnatic, after fnatic went on to win the first map, and grabbed the $4,500 cheque.

Final standings:

1 Ukraine. NaVi - $16,000
2. Sweden SK.Gaming - $8,000
3. Russia Moscow5 - $4,500
4. Sweden fnatic - $3,100
5/6. Finland WinFaktSweden Lions - $2,200 each
7/8 Germany mousesports,  Ukraine DTS - $2,000 each {linkr:related;keywords:intel+extreme+masters;limit:5;title:More+News}


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