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Online part of the big Counter-Strike 1.6 event Techlabs Cup has completed. Only one game remains Ė grand final which will be held on LAN in 18th of March in Moscow. In this main game of the event, Ukraine†Natus Vincere will play against SwedenSK Gaming and the winner will win $10,000 and loser will get $5,000.

In the first semifinal NaVi played against Swedenfnatic. It was an epic battle between two great teams, but on that day Ukrainians were slightly stronger. Score per maps is 2:1.

In the second semifinal two another teams from Ukraine and Sweden played against each other. If SK Gaming was one of the main favorite of the event from the beginning, UkrainekerchNet became the main sensation of Techlabs Cup. Before the semifinalís match, Ukrainians didnít lose any single map, but their wonderful story was over due to SK Gaming. 2:0 is the final score for this match.

VODs from the event you can find here{linkr:related;keywords:counter+strike;limit:5;title:More+News}


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