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groups for iem GCJust moments ago the Counter-strike tournament down at Germany CeBIT in Hannover, Germany has ended seeing the polish giants from Poland ESC taking down the reigning champions Ukraine NaVi.


In what was an epic match, the polish players took down the Ukraine stars in just two maps, with the [16-11] scoreline on NaVi's strongest map, train and [16-14] score on the second map mirage.

With this victory, ESC wins it's second IEM title this year, and becomes the most succesfull team in IEM, with many wins under it's belt, and a dozen of finals played in this competition.

As for the third place decider, Sweden SK.Gaming did not manage to overcome the countrymen from Sweden Lions.eSportsKlubb, after an easy first map, SK chocked in the second and last map and lost the bronze medal with [1-2]

Final standings:
1. Poland Esc.IcyBOX - $50,000
2 .Ukraine NaVi - $20,000
3. Sweden Lions.eSportsKlubb - $8,000
4. Sweden Sk.Gaming - $3,800{linkr:related;keywords:intel+extreme+masters;limit:5;title:More+News}


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