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quakecon 2012 resultscypher won quakecon 2012Biggest Quake Live event QuakeCon 2012 completed.

After Russia Cooller's retirement, even people far from Quake Live predicted final with USA Rapha and Belarus Cypher, but USA DaHanG had another opinion. In the semifinal he sensationally won over the Rapha and met Cypher in the grand final.

In the final, which was held in Best of 5 format, first map ztn went to American player [4:0]. Second map Aero became way tighter but again it's completed for DaHanG [11:9]. When one step remain for DaHanG, guy from Belorus woke up and won 3 maps in a row. Great come back by Cypher and one more proof that at this moment he is top Quake Live player in the world.

In 3rd place decider game Rapha destoyed USA czm [3:0] per maps and won Bronze medal of QuakeCon 2012.

Final standings and prize distribution:

1. Belarus Cypher - $9,000
2. USA DaHanG - $5,000
3. USA Rapha - $3,000
4. USA czm - $1,000
5/8. USA Zero4, Canada chance, USA sparks, USA dkt - $500 each.









USA rapha            
[3:0] USA rapha         
USA dkt        
USA DaHanG     
USA DaHanG         
USA DaHanG     
Canada sparks         
Belarus Cypher 
USA Zero4         
USA czm       
USA czm       
Belarus Cypher   
Belarus Cypher         
Belarus Cypher       
USA chance           


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