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cypher won Adroits LAN DuelQuake Live still alive! Big QL event Netherlands Adroits LAN Quake LIVE just completed. The event took held on 19-21 of October in Netherlands.

Viewers saw epic battles in Team Deatch Match and classic Duel gaming disciplines.

Final standings and prize distribution of Adroits LAN TDM

1. Sweden Sweden -  2,500 + hardware from Steelseries
2. Czech Republic Czech Republic - 1,400 + hardware from Steelseries
3. Russia Russia - 750 + Steelseries mousepads
4. Netherlands Netherlands - 370 + Steelseries mousepads 

Without USA Rapha and Russia Cooller, everyone expected "easy money" for Belarus Cypher and actually he won the event, but in couple matches he was one step from death.

Here the final results and prize distribution for Adroits LAN Duel:

1. Belarus Cypher - 1,900 + hardware from Steelseries
2. Germany k1llsen - 950 + hardware from Steelseries
3. Poland av3k - 620 + hardware from Steelseries
4. Russia evil - 300 + Steelseries mousepad 


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