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msi-brand-logo-blueTonight the 12'th edition of the MSI Starcraft 2 cup will take place seeing 16 players duke it out for the 1,000 prize pool.

The players line-up looks insane, as South KoreaTerran Polt, South KoreaZerg CoCa, South KoreaProtoss Puzzle, PolandProtoss MaNa, UkraineTerran Kas, South KoreaTerran Supernova, USAZerg Vibe, UkraineZerg Bly, SpainTerran LucifroN and FranceProtoss Adelscott are on the list.

The format of the event will se a Bo3 single elimination bracket, that is yet to be determined. What is more important is that for once the race distribution is dead even, as the 16'th player, FranceZerg Kenzy whom won de quallifier ties the zergs with the other races. 

This should be fun, and we shall now see what race is really the easiest.


First Round









South KoreaTerran Polt                
  South KoreaTerran Polt            
FranceProtoss Adelscott            
USAZerg Vibe          
South KoreaZerg CoCa            
UkraineProtoss fraer        
SpainTerran Lucifron            
UkraineZerg Bly            
FranceZerg KenZy              
South KoreaProtoss Puzzle          
UkraineTerran Kas          
SwedenZerg Cytoplasm          
PolandProtoss MaNa              
South KoreaZerg Symbol          
  South KoreaTerran Supernova          
South KoreaTerran Supernova              

We will keep you updated once the braket is drawn.

Also do not forget about our contest in conjucture with MSI good luck to all!


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