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Starcraft 2 from NaViFew month ago Ukraine NaVi announced that they will have Starcraft 2 team. Everyone expected that NaVi would “buy” most known Ukrainian players such as Ukraine DIMAGA, Ukraine Strelok and others, but they preferred inviting experienced and perspective players.

Ukraine Denis 'Hireling' Shubkovskiy: “For most of us it's just a dream to be a part of NaVi. Now our dream has become a true. It's a big responsibility, but at the same time it's a huge stimul to fulfil ourselves as professional gamers. We will do our best for NaVi to become the top team in Starcraft 2!”.

Ukraine Aleksandr 'Alf' Yatsenko: "I am very grateful for such opportunity. First of all NaVi - it's a team. This is a Team, which used to be a winner, that's why I'll do all possible to prove that I deserve clantag of the Natus Vincere!”.

Russia Vasiliy 'CrazyPanda' Kuznetsov: “It is a great honor and responsibility for me to become a part of such a famous team. Now I have one more huge stimulus to give all the best and opportunity to devote more time to trainings. I hope, that with my help, NaVi will be gaining more victories and titles!”.

Hope NaVi's Starcraft 2 division in near future will become as much as popular as their Counter Strike team.

NaVi roster:

Ukraine Hireling
Ukraine HappyZerg
Ukraine Alf
Russia CrazyPanda
Denmark BabyKnight{linkr:related;keywords:Starcraft;limit:5;title:More+News}


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