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UPDATE #2: South KoreaProtoss HerO became the champion of NASL 4. He won over the South KoreaZerg viOLet [4:2]. South KoreaTerran Polt easily won over the South KoreaZerg SortOf [4:0] and completed Top-3 of NASL 4.
UPDATE:  South KoreaProtoss HerO and South KoreaZerg viOLet have reached the grand final! South KoreaTerran Polt and South KoreaZerg SortOf will determine the owner of bronze medal. Check updated results and bracket of NASL 4.
nasl 4 results and bracket starcraft 2Final battles of the USA North American Star League Season 4 closer and closer. 

Remind you that NASL 4 Starcraft 2 Finals will be held on 8-9 November in California, USA.

Event will start straight from the playoff stage with single elimination system. In first round of playoff winner will be revealed in Best-of-5 format, and from semifinal format will be Bo7.

Six of eight participants are from South Korea, while remain two are representing Europe.

Final standings and prize distribution:

1. South KoreaProtoss Liquid.HerO - $30,000
2. South KoreaZerg Azubu.viOLet - $15,000
3. South KoreaTerran TSL.Polt - $10,000
4. SwedenZerg SortOf - $5,000

Participants, bracket and results of NASL 4 in Starcraft 2:








South KoreaTerran TSL.Polt            
[3:1] South KoreaTerran TSL.Polt         
South KoreaZerg QxG.Golden        
South KoreaProtoss Liquid.HerO     
South KoreaTerran Liquid.TaeJa         
South KoreaProtoss Liquid.HerO     
South KoreaProtoss Liquid.HerO         
      [4:2] South KoreaProtoss Liquid.HerO 
South KoreaZerg Azubu.viOLet         
South KoreaZerg Azubu.viOLet       
United KingdomTerran EG.DeMusliM       
South KoreaZerg Azubu.viOLet   
SwedenZerg wW.SortOf         
SwedenZerg wW.SortOf       
South KoreaZerg TSL.HyuN           


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