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I heard a lot of good feedbacks related to Sennheiser PC 360 such as “King of the Hill», «Still on throne for 2 years», «Best headset ever» etc. It's a dedicated headset for gamers created in cooperation with esport organization Germany Mortal Teamwork. I'm not a hardcore gamer and in this article I'll review PC 360 from caster's point of view. For casting purposes an excellent headset is just necessary. Certainly after such recommendations from friends, pro-players and other streamers, I decided to test this headset by myself. Big thanks to Sennheiser Middle East for providing me Sennheiser PC 360 for the review.



  • Frequency Response - 15-28,000 Hz
  • Impedance - 50 ohm
  • Ear cups - Circum aural
  • Acoustic design - Open
  • Connectors - 2 x 3.5 mm
  • Weight - 300g
  • Warranty - 2 years


Headset came in a stylish matte green-black box.

On the backside of the box you can find short description of main features of Sennheiser PC 360. Also, Counter-Strike 1.6 fans will find photo of Denmark Alexander 'ave' Holdt from Denmark mTw who had an important role in the development of this headset.

When opening the box, you reveal the headset and... that's all! But this headset is plug-n-play, what else do you need? Just connect to your PC and you're done.

Design and construction

When I took the headset in my hands, my first impression was “super light weight!” Same time construction is solid and build quality is great.

The ear-cupsof Sennheiser PC 360 are huge and completely surround your ears without pressing on any part of your ears which bringings more comfort during the long gaming or cast sessions. The adjustable headband has padded section at the top for minimizing pressure to skull. Earpads and headband's padded section are both made from velvet material.

Earcups are self adjustable up to 45 degrees, which assures a perfect fitting on your head and as bonus, makes wear-unwear procedure more easier.

Moreover, headband has self adjustment option up to 5 degrees as well. It's really great when a manufacturer pays this amount of attention to such small, but very handy features.

The microphone is big, and even though it's not nondetachable you can easily rise it vertically.

Volume control embedded to right ear cup of Sennheiser PC 360. Such solution is way better than inline volume control embedded to cable. You'll not lose any single seconds trying to find the volume control on your headset cable.

It has a 3 meter single cable that splits at the end into two.

In usage

Sound quality of Sennheiser PC 360 is just perfect. Even with embedded soundcard in motherboards. In case of using with dedicated soundcards you'll get maximum from this headset. In games, movies, audio-chats, etc. the sound very deep and clear.

The headset has open acoustic design which means that natural air flows troughout the headset to your ears. You can play or cast for many hours and your ears will stay cold. Also, open acoustic design does not affect sound flow, this is one of the reasons this headset has such a perfect sound. But same time, open acoustic design means that you can hear surrounding sounds and voices. And vice versa, people next to you can here noticeable sounds from your headset. If you're planning to use this headset in airplanes (for example), you should go with Sennheiser PC 350 which comes with closed design. PC 360 is perfect if your working/gaming place is isolated. Actually all casters working from isolated place, so, there is no issue for them from this point of view.

Now let's talk about microphone. For casters the microphone quality is more important than sound itself. I have casted with Sennheiser PC 360 all games from Techlabs Cup event and can make a conclusion that it has the best microphone which I used so far. Voice is very clear and noise cancellation is working perfect.

Another interesting feature is auto-mute. Just raise the boom and you'll hear a noticeable "click" which means that the mic is muted. Move microphone down and "click" will tell you that microphone is on. One small issue, which is actually for casters only. That "click" is noticeable for viewers as well. They can here when your mic is muted or turned on. I solved this issue by binding mute on keyboard (mute in OS itself) and after that I raised the boom. With such workaround, viewers are not hearing any 3rd party sounds.

Generally speaking, volume control on right-ear cup and microphone mute on/off option in left-ear, is one of the handiest feature a headset can have.

Regarding in-ear volume control, it doesn’t affect the system's volume control and works independently, which is great. If you're casting the game and in-game sound for you is too high, you can't reduce it in straight way, because this will reduce sound level for your viewers as well. In such situations the independent volume control is "what doctor ordered".



  • Perfect sound quality.
  • Best microphone which I tested so far. Noise cancellation doing a great job. Auto-mute option very handy.
  • Lightweight, flexible and extremely comfortable. If with previous headsets after many hours of streaming I felt relieved after removing them, with Sennheiser I feel like I did not ware them at all.
  • Handy volume control in ear-cup.


  • Price. This is one of the most expensive dedicated gaming headsets.
  • Microphone nondetachable.
  • Hard to fold for transportation.


First of all you should decide what type of acoustic is fitting to you: open or closed. It's not the case about good or bad. It's completely subjective and up to conditions where this headsets will be used.

If your working place is isolated or you prefer to hear when somebody calling your name, you should go with Sennheiser PC 360. Open design will provide you not-distorted sound and natural airflow for keeping your ears cold.

If your working place is not isolated and you're travelling a lot, you should look on Sennheiser PC 350 which comes with closed design.


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